Care establishments

Our service portfolio

  • Strategy and market concepts
    • Development of care concepts
    • Strategy concepts
    • Market and environment analysis
    • Drawing up and auditing business plans
  • Redevelopment and restructuring
    • Creating forecasts and developing, auditing and plausibility testing redevelopment/restructuring concepts
    • Creating redevelopment reports in accordance with or based on IDW standard S 6
    • Support in negotiations with banks, social partners and other stakeholders
  • Mergers
    • Strategic planning/due diligence
    • Company valuation and feasibility studies
    • Addressing target companies/investors
    • Transaction auditing and modelling
  • Social real estate
    • Real estate and operating concepts
    • Overall investment valuation (due diligence)
    • Lease and purchase contract formulation
  • Risk controlling
    • Regular critical review of real estate and operations
    • Assistance in the event of a crisis (interim management etc.)
  • Bank-compliant business plans
    • Drawing up and plausibility testing business plans
    • Creating (integrated) financial planning
  • Nursing charge negotiations
    • Determining the optimal compensation rate and cost structure reviews
    • Appraisal of remuneration rate adjustments in local competition
    • Negotiations with sponsors up to the arbitration board

Despite the increased demand for care services in recent years, the full inpatient care sector in particular has excess capacity in many regions and is thus characterised by predatory competition. At the same time, the controls imposed by public financing institutions are oriented around growth in upstream residential and care types.
Service providers face the challenge of creating unique selling points compared with competitors through excellent performance and real estate quality, in combination with needs-oriented focus care offerings, and possibly supplemented with outpatient and semi-inpatient care services. Having said this, many care institutions are hardly in a position to make the investments in real estate necessitated by strategic realignment, or due to the ordinance on minimum building requirements for care centres, against the backdrop of weak profitability.
Given these structural and political framework conditions, BDO supports operators in the development and implementation of sustainable strategy and real estate policies, showing prospects for overcoming loss scenarios by adjusting the revenue and cost structures.
The investment backlog in the care market has increasingly seen private and institutional investors enter the arena, attracted by the promise of above-average returns from long-term care home leases. BDO supports investors with its specialist expertise both in the purchase phase and in active risk management for existing investments.


BDO develops individual strategies for operators and investors and, in particular, location and real estate development concepts.

Holistic approach

BDO stands for a holistic consulting approach. Care concept, organisation, efficiency, controlling and resources all need to be investigated with their interactions. Strategy and location concepts can only be successful if one succeeds in covering the complexity of the healthcare facility in its entirety.