Outpatient sector and medical care centres

Our service portfolio

  • Strategy and market concepts
    • Strategy consultation
    • Regional analyses
    • Valuation of medical practices
    • Drawing up and auditing business plans
  • Redevelopment and restructuring
    • Creating forecasts
    • Developing, testing and evaluating redevelopment/restructuring concepts
    • Support in negotiations with banks, social partners and other stakeholders
  • Revenues and efficiency
    • Workforce requirements, establishment and shift plans
    • Corporate organisation
    • Economic feasibility analyses
  • Networking and cooperations
    • Integrated cross-sector networking
    • Local health centres
    • Planning and project development
      Health centres and outpatient surgical centres
  • Controlling and audit-related consulting
    • Auditing billing
    • Business planning
    • Budgeting/forecasting
    • Controlling and IT
    • Internal auditing
    • Risk and opportunities management
    • Compliance management/ICS
      Auditing existing budgeting
  • Bank-compliant business plans
    • Drawing up and plausibility testing business plans
    • Creating (integrated) financial planning

The outpatient sector is currently undergoing a major change process. The number of medical care centres in Germany has nearly quadrupled in the past five years; the market is still growing steadily with some 50 start-ups per quarter.
However, not all medical care centres operate economically. Audits in part reveal alarming signals on closer inspection. Given transparent and equitable cost allocation, many hospital medical care centres would not survive. The reasons for this typically go back the foundation phase. In addition, there are various internal and external target groups that require clear strategic orientation to be successful in the long term.
Another problem: oversupply in urban areas compared with the threat of collapse of healthcare in rural areas. Against this background, comprehensive outpatient and inpatient medical care of the population, especially in rural areas, takes high priority.
In the consulting area for the outpatient sector and medical care centres, BDO collaborates with you to develop potential solutions for meaningful cooperation between established GPs, specialists, GP networks, medical care centres, hospitals and clinics. The objective is to overcome strict segregation in the sectors outpatient, inpatient and treatment.