Hospitals and clinics

Our service portfolio

  • Strategy and market concepts
    • Development of care concepts
    • Strategy concepts
    • Market and environment analysis
    • Drawing up and auditing business plans
  • Mergers
    • Due diligence reviews
    • Company valuation
    • Feasibility studies (medical and organisational concepts, simulations, business plans and (integrated) financial planning
    • Transaction auditing and modelling
  • Redevelopment and restructuring
    • Creating forecasts
    • Developing, testing, evaluating redevelopment/restructuring concepts
    • Creating redevelopment reports in accordance with or based on IDW standard S 6
    • Support in negotiations with banks, social partners and other stakeholders
  • Bank-compliant business plans
    • Drawing up and plausibility testing business plans
    • Creating (integrated) financial planning
  • Master and new building planning
    • New building concepts
    • Preparation and auditing/validation:
    • Feasibility studies
    • Business plans
    • Construction master plans including TCO cost planning
  • Revenues and efficiency
    • Workforce requirements, establishment and shift plans
    • Corporate organisation
    • Efficiency of secondary and tertiary areas
    • InEK-based efficiency analysis
    • MDK and receivables management
      and optimisation of DRG encoding
  • Controlling and audit-related consulting
    • Internal auditing
    • Cost accounting:
      • Optimisation of cost centre accounting
      • Establishment, implementation, auditing of existing divisional, contribution margin, or profit centre accounting
    • Creating (integrated) forecasts
    • Auditing of existing forecasts
    • Service guarantee incentives §5, paragraph 2 of the KHENtgG (German hospital reimbursement act)

Management tasks for hospital and clinic managers are becoming increasingly dynamic and seem to be difficult to control. The majority of hospitals are in the red, and a turnaround is not in sight. Additionally: lack of skilled staff, rising morbidity and mortality of patients, demographic change and lack of investment resources. The hospitals are publicly exposed to allegations of billing fraud and unnecessary operations. However, readiness to perform must be ensured 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The work–life balance of the workforce must be ensured. Remuneration-related quality competition will develop into another management challenge in the future. Increasingly, hospitals need to compensate for the lack of outpatient care, especially in rural areas in the next few years. How do you intend to secure the success and competitiveness of your hospital?
Our healthcare department offers holistic consulting approaches for sustainable competitive positioning. Our consultants not only possess many years of specialist hospital consulting expertise, but also experience in management and performance responsibility in hospitals. We look forward to collaborating with you in the development and implementation of strategic and sustainable solutions. In particular, the pervasiveness is positively highlighted by our clients.

Individuality and a holistic approach

BDO develops individual strategies and solutions that are tailored to the needs of the care area in terms of the level of care and continuous integration of corporate culture, or the mission statement of the owning body.

BDO stands for a holistic consulting approach. Medical concept, organisation, efficiency, controlling and resources all need to be investigated with their interactions.

Specification and feasibility

We do not just stop after determining the potential. As a renowned auditing company that strives for sustainability, BDO attaches great importance to defining feasible measures for the enterprise. Strategy is converted into operations in a business plan, for example, thus making it economically measurable as a result.