Our service portfolio

  • Strategy and market concepts
    • Development of care concepts
    • Strategy concepts
    • Market and environment analysis
    • Drawing up and auditing business plans
  • Redevelopment and restructuring
    • Creating forecasts and developing, auditing and plausibility testing redevelopment/restructuring concepts
    • Creating redevelopment reports in accordance with or based on IDW standard S 6
    • Support in negotiations with banks, social partners and other stakeholders
  • Bank-compliant business plans
    • Drawing up and plausibility testing business plans
    • Creating (integrated) financial planning
  • Mergers
    • Strategic planning/due diligence
    • Company valuation and feasibility studies
    • Addressing target companies/investors
    • Transaction auditing and modelling
  • Social real estate
    • Real estate and operating concepts
    • Overall investment valuation (due diligence)
    • Lease and purchase contract formulation
  • Risk controlling
    • Regular critical review of real estate and operations
    • Assistance in the event of a crisis (interim management etc.)

Medical rehabilitation has become an important pillar of our health system with approximately two million patients cared for; it continues to strengthen as a result of demographic change, a longer working life, shortage of staff and the rise in follow-up medical treatment after a stay in hospital.
At the same time, and despite slight increases in utilisation levels in recent years, the rehabilitation market is still characterised by an oversupply of beds and small adjustments in rates that have generally below the general increase in costs. In addition to cost pressures, the requirements of external quality assurance programmes are becoming tougher.
Against this background, and facing the challenge of making strategic decisions on performance orientation in their handling of free bed capacities, many rehabilitation clinics are leveraging efficiency potentials in all areas of their business by optimising operational organisation and procurement while maintaining at least the same quality levels. This is all the more true considering the fact that the funding gap of recent years has often meant sacrificing necessary investments in hospital real estate as well as operating and business equipment.

Individuality and a holistic approach

BDO stands for a holistic consulting approach. (Financial) economic aspects are considered, as are indication-specific structural and staff-related, technical and structural conditions. Strategy concepts can only be successful if one succeeds in covering the complexity of the rehabilitation facility in its entirety.

Adding detail and feasibility

As a brand-name company for auditing and advisory with a commitment to sustainability, BDO considers it important to develop actionable measures for the company.
Strategy is converted into operations in a bank-compliant business plan, for example, thus making it economically measurable as a result. We develop the required adjustments to organisational structures in collaboration with our clients and support their implementation.