Nursing charge negotiations

Refinancing a care facility via the nursing charge and the investment costs is a major challenge for any executive. In addition to the complexity of the negotiation process, external and internal factors must be considered here. For example, a high remuneration rate may be negotiated with the owning body; however, this is will no longer be competitive compared to local providers, which can thus lead to loss of occupancy.
We thus support you holistically in determining the optimal remuneration rate. We accompany you from costing through the evaluation of your own revenue and cost structures to actual conclusion of the negotiations.

We support you with our experience and our expertise in:

  • Costing your care rates, investment costs and outpatient remuneration rates
  • Compiling the required documentation
  • Negotiations with the owning body up to the arbitration board
  • Appraisal of your own cost structures and outsourced services, analysis of internal processes and optimal personnel planning
  • Appraisal of remuneration rate adjustments in local competition
  • Meetings with your facility’s advisory board and information events for your residents relating to increased charges
  • Training of your employees with respect to the procedure and the legal understanding of charge negotiations so that you can handle these autonomously in the future
  • Establishment of self-payer services

Due to our interdisciplinary team’s many years of practical experience, BDO has extensive experience in the field of holistic remuneration analysis. We have already successfully concluded numerous remuneration negotiations and regularly achieved excellent results for our clients in the process. We have also been able to achieve substantial additional revenue for our clients in the costing and establishment of self-payer services such as accommodation higher-grade rooms.