Redevelopment and restructuring


One key element – in addition to the economic challenges of the restructuring process – is that of restoring the confidence of all stakeholders in the company. Bodies, employees, creditors, referees, cooperation partners, the general public and sponsors all need to be ‘taken along’ on the path to redeveloping the hospital in order to successfully shape the future of the institution.
Special significance is thus attached to an open and neutral assessment of the crisis, with the aim of quickly restoring the profitability and investment capacity of the hospital. Realistic, workable and enforceable measures must emerge from the analysis that are adequate to ensure the long-term recovery of the hospital and are reflected in corresponding planning. At the same time, this planning provides the framework for managing and controlling of the necessary restructuring process, serving as a benchmark for ongoing target/actual comparisons and as a guideline for the success of measures to be taken.
The essential points in the framework of redevelopment, which we develop in collaboration with you, include:

  • Analysis in order to determine the root causes of the crisis
  • Derivation of workable and enforceable measures for tackling the crisis
  • Transferring to a redevelopment expert opinion with a redevelopment mission statement and (integrated) financial planning
  • Support of the implementation measures, as well as ongoing monitoring of the overall degree of target achievement, and with a view to the individual measures

We apply IDW standard S 6 here, or base our activities on it. The exact approach varies according to your specific requirements.

Scope of services

  • Drafting redevelopment and restructuring concepts
  • Creating forecasts
  • Auditing and plausibility testing of reorganisation and restructuring measures
  • Creating redevelopment reports in accordance with or based on IDW standard S 6
  • Accompanying the redevelopment and restructuring processes
  • Success and redevelopment controlling/management cockpit
  • Support in negotiations with banks, social partners and other stakeholders

With the health management branch centre and the related specialisation of services in the three divisions of auditing, tax and management consulting, and with our legal partner, BDO Legal Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH, we are positioned to provide holistic and professional support in restructuring and redevelopment of clinics and hospitals. We offer the complete skill set required for redevelopment from a single source, and are able to handle complex tasks in a quick and integrative manner through our network.