Revenues and efficiency

Our range of services is multifaceted; we respond to your questions individually. In the following, we provide an overview of our main focal topics in the field of operational services:

  • Workforce requirements, establishment and shift plans
    • Analytical staff requirements determination is a method standardised by BDO.
    • Together, we define a new staffing plan which takes into account your individual structures.
    • Our intent is to provide an actionable staffing plan and actively shape the enforcement phase.
    • We provide you with a tool for autonomous routine adjustment.
  • Corporate organisation
    • One important contribution to economic efficiency – as well as to the implementation of a staff requirements analysis – is efficiently designed processes and a structured company organisation structure in all areas of the hospital.
  • InEK-based efficiency analysis
    • Determining the cost weights based on spreadsheet data based on the InEK matrix is a case costing procedure in the stationary/somatic performance spectrum that has been recognised for years. On the basis of a separate consideration of individual services within the hospital, and by allocating other revenue, internal department budgets – and thus controlling options – can be derived with little overhead.
  • Organisation structure and process-oriented organisation in medical controlling
    • Our experienced staff can offer you tailored analyses to suit your needs. The recommended course of action is typically to create a structured inventory of the organisation structure and process-oriented organisation with little overhead. This typically reveals areas in which an in-depth investigation would be useful.
  • Optimisation of MDK and receivables management and optimisation of DRG encoding.
  • Economic feasibility analysis of secondary and tertiary areas
    • To determine the potential, we conduct economic feasibility studies on the basis of KPI comparisons, taking into account the individual circumstances of medical and non-medical areas (e.g. central sterilisation, laboratory, radiology, laundry, cleaning).