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In recent years, the pressure to adapt nursing home properties by adopting restrictive minimum building regulations for care centres and/or increasing competition has increased. Care facilities can only remain competitive, economically successful and ensure high-quality care for their residents if they have a suitable property structure.
The aim of a modern redevelopment and conversion concept is to meet legal requirements to optimise competitiveness, quality of results and economic efficiency, and to improve the satisfaction of residents and staff. Structural innovations play a crucial role as they are often prerequisites for quality, efficiency, competitiveness and improvement of the performance profile in the coming decades. The master plan forms the framework for the long-term development of a care facility, taking into account the corporate strategy and highly individual business and market-related initial situation.
Developing a redevelopment and restoration concept at BDO is based on a systematic interdependent links between the market, business organisation, spatial and functional concept with gradual transition to a long-term-oriented business plan as a measurable target concept.
BDO provides unique bases for decision-making for the contractor which also satisfy the information and security needs of external partners (e.g. financing banks). The questions and analysis results are appropriately processed by BDO – even for non-customers, if required – so that the various stakeholders are supported in their decision.

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