Strategy and market concepts

Consultancy offer

Against the background of the current health policy framework and economic constraints, a trend towards strategic planning can increasingly be seen in practice. Successful hospitals look five to ten years into the future and introduce measures today which then take effect at the right time. BDO supports hospitals in consolidating their positions in the healthcare market and pursuing a holistic approach that optimally combines the market perspective with economic efficiency – and with the aim of pointing out a sustainable economic and strategic perspective to hospitals. In particular, these solutions consider the regional orientation of healthcare.

Thanks to this approach, BDO stands for a high probability of implementation feasibility with these individually tailored packages of measures.  In detail, we offer the following services:

  • Development of care concepts
  • Strategy and structure concepts
  • Market and environment analysis
  • Drawing up and auditing business plans.

Scope of services

BDO’s holistic approach combines the standard strategies and actions tailored to the individual company with other aspects of the planning. In the development of future solutions, additional topics such as specialisation, primary care and (innovative) care models are considered.
BDO develops care solutions with regional orientation; this means that the strategies developed for healthcare facilities in rural areas differ from those for urban centres. With a view to the level of care and continuous involvement of corporate culture or the guiding principle of the owning body, BDO develops individual strategies to reflect the needs in the region. For example, to ensure that care is provided to the population in rural areas, we support the establishment of local health centres and networked, inter-sectoral structures.
BDO stands for holistic strategy development. (Financial) economic aspects are considered, as are the specific care mandate and staff-related, medical and structural conditions. Strategic concepts can only be successful if one succeeds in covering the complexity of the care facility in its entirety.
As a renowned auditing company that strives for sustainability, BDO attaches great importance to developing actionable measures for the enterprise. Strategy is converted into operations in a business plan, for example, thus making it economically measurable as a result. The packages of measures fulfil the requirement of always being adaptable to new developments.