Executive boards have to raise their game, protect against cyber crime

17. Mai 2017

The WannaCry globally-coordinated ransomware attack spotlights the urgent need for a change in organisations’ thinking about Cybersecurity. The severity, nature and extent of cyber threats is so great that it can only really be addressed at board level. Executive boards need to immerse themselves in the cyber issue and allocate sufficient resources to identify and ensure the effective management of cyber risks. A board’s accountability includes the way organisations protect, detect, respond and recover. Boards have to lift their organisations to the appropriate level of cyber resilience: this means going above and beyond employee behavioural change programmes and IT departments’ technical measures. In cyber threat scenarios where people's lives are at stake, the dilemma of paying a ransom or not, is an extremely tough tough choice for anyone to make.

Please find our full press release on this change of Boards' responsibilities and thinking here:

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