Master and new building planning

Consultancy offering

Our approach for developing a master and new building plan is based on systematic interdependent links between the market, business organisation, spatial and functional concept with gradual transition to a long-term-oriented business plan as a measurable target concept. Together with our cooperation partners, we provide an experienced team that can offer you all necessary services at an expert level:

  • Preparation and auditing/validation of feasibility studies
  • Preparation and auditing/validation of master plans including TCO planning
  • New building concepts
  • Preparation and auditing/validation of business plans

BDO creates unique decision-making templates for the client that also take into account the information and security needs of external partners such as ministries and banks.

Scope of services

Obsolete building structures that are not fit for the purposes of modern healthcare, which entail enormous maintenance costs, and make efficient process organisation difficult, are becoming increasingly problematic. ‘Patchwork houses’ are often a root cause of negative operating profits.
However, due to insufficient funding, investments in new structures and buildings entail equity-financed amortisation that must be financed by contribution margins from performance of service. To avoid an investment becoming a cost trap, the planning process needs to be organised in a diligent and valid way up front.
The objective of a contemporary planning concept is thus

  • The development of an integrated approach,
  • Optimisation of performance capacity,
  • Quality of results,
  • Economic efficiency,
  • The improvement of patient and employee satisfaction, and
  • Transparency and measurability.

Restructuring of buildings, up to and including new building projects, are often the prerequisites for quality, efficiency, competitiveness and raising the medical profile in the future. The master plan forms the framework for the long-term development of the hospitals, taking into account the corporate strategy and highly individual business and market-related initial situation.